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Deaf & Heard of Hearing


Prosser Career Academy’s Specialized Services Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is an instructional program in all areas of the ISBE secondary curriculum that stresses the development of critical thinking skills and the inclusion of multicultural curricula including but not limited to immersion in American Sign Language with certified ASL Interpreters and state certified Deaf and Hard of Hearing Specialists. 

Our staff and student body understand and provide for the needs of our students with deafness or an identified hearing loss with opportunities to challenge themselves through continuing academic and vocational training and the pursuit of additional transitional skills. Students have an opportunity to receive the same high quality education as hearing peers within any and all aspects of the Prosser community of academics including but not limited to smaller instructional based supportive classrooms, inclusion in the general education curriculum with the expert services of a certified educational interpreter and support from another classroom teacher. 

Our students receive the same access to the modernized Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs at Prosser, as well as options to involve themselves in the rigor of AP and IB classwork as any of the general population. 

Our students have been accepted to secondary institutions such as Gallaudet University, National Technical Institute for the Deaf | RIT, and City Colleges of Chicago. They have also chosen or been placed at the Illinois School for the Deaf’s continuing adult education program.