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COVID Quarantine Protocols

Teachers, Students, and Families:
When and if a student needs to be at home to quarantine: 
  • Prosser will loan a device to the student, which a family member can pick up upon receiving
    this notice. The device should be returned on the date the student returns to school.
  • Teachers will be informed and ensure the student receives all assignments through Google
  • The student is responsible for emailing their teachers with questions and submitting
    assignments in a timely manner, unless their health prevents them from being able to do so. If
    that is the case, the student should communicate that to their teachers.
  • The student and their family will be notified of their return date by the Office of Student Health
    and Wellness or Contact Tracing. Teachers can also see that date in the Aspen system. For
    everyone’s safety, no student who is quarantining should return to school before their posted
    return date, even if they are feeling well.
  • All school activities are included in the mandates of quarantine, including attendance during
    the school day, athletics, and other extracurriculars.
We are committed to supporting teachers, students, and families through these experiences.