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Equity Stance

We believe in the brilliance of our students!
To better serve them, the Prosser staff read Culturally Responsive Teaching & The Brain last year to think about ways to bridge the culture gap between the students and the adults in the building. Over the last four months, we have worked to develop an equity statement that best mirrors our community values:
As a culturally responsive school, at Prosser Career Academy we will validate students’ identity and cultural background by providing opportunities for student voice and listening to our students because we understand their past experience impacts their performance in school. We will introduce students to new voices and worldviews and explore the value of diverse experiences. To show respect for diverse cultures, we will establish norms that welcome our students and provide a safe environment conducive to teaching and learning for all. We will use culturally relevant curriculum and ensure our students have equitable access to opportunities and success. We believe students are capable of high levels of achievement when properly guided and given various opportunities to show what they know, and we will grade in ways that are clear, transparent and equitable. It is our responsibility to challenge and develop our students’ abilities, skills and goals, and we will continue to reflect on our own experiences and how they are similar to or different from those of our students in order to best meet our students’ learning needs.