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Diverse Learning / Cluster Programs

The team of educators in the field of Diverse Learning at Prosser share a combined average of nearly 20 years each of expertise and a shared average of six years of higher education certifications in the following fields: Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Emotional Disabilities, Learning Specialty, Bilingualism, and have other curriculum-based experiences. The average Diverse Learning specialist has been on staff at Prosser for more than 10 years and is assigned to a minimum of two self-contained instructional areas and three instructional areas as support in the core classrooms, where they meet the different needs of all learners in more inclusive classrooms.  

Diverse Learning teachers are responsible for student evaluations, creating and monitoring Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), and working with administration, staff and families to fulfill these plans in support of student development and achievement. The Prosser DL Department uses a data-driven approach to best support the needs of individual students, and does so in compliance with federal and state regulations regarding special education. This team of professionals provides critical feedback and support to each student in their classes while maintaining an individual caseload, as well. Each DL teacher is assigned  an average of 12 students on their caseload and is an important member of a student’s team, even if they are not one of their classroom teachers throughout the day. Their primary goal is to provide support, collect and progress monitor data and make recommendations for individual needs and areas  of success, and then ensure they are implemented in the most efficient manner.

This team of DL professionals is the best source to provide a parent with evidence in the form of student work and performance which remains the primary source of progress monitoring during the learning process.