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Virtual Parent / Teacher Conferences


Dear Prosser Students and Families,

At weeks 10 and 30 of each year, CPS issues progress reports. In recent years, due to Remote Learning, CPS has made hybrid parent/teacher conferences available on Report Card Pick Up Day. This allows parents who would like to meet in person to come to the building and discuss student progress with teachers and allows parents for whom it is more convenient to meet virtually appointment slots to do the same. Our school teachers will host these virtual meetings using an appointment schedule on an internet based application named Google Meets.  For the parents, guardians and students that are interested in meeting virtually with their teacher(s) to discuss progress report grades, instructions will be emailed home in advance of Report Card Pick Up Day. The steps are also listed below:  

Step 1:  Click on link to access our teacher's directory ------------>  Teacher's Directory

Step 2:  Find the teacher's name and click on the link located in the column titled " Parent/Teacher Calendar Link"

Step 3:  Select the appointment time.

Step 4:  Once you select your appointment time, you will receive a pop-up box titled “Book an Appointment” and you will click on the Save button to book the appointment.

Step 5:  Check your email for an appointment confirmation.

We encourage all parents and guardians to access their student's academic marks using aspen/parentportal. Aspen’s Parent Portal gives parents and students easier access to their current and prior years’ information, including assignments, grades, schedules, attendance, and health and immunization records.