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Mission & Vision

At Prosser, our actions and decisions are guided by our core values: 
  • We believe all students are capable of academic and social emotional success. 
  • We believe race, income, gender and learning differences do not predict possibility or students' outcomes, so we embrace diversity. 
  • We believe in innovation and encourage teachers to engage in rich professional development and try new things in their classrooms to benefit student growth. 
  • We believe in collaboration within and across departments and grade levels to create a tight network of teaching and learning. 
  • We believe in providing a supportive environment to cultivate character, critical thinking and communication. 
  • We believe in providing academic and social supports to all students. 
  • We believe students and teachers must feel safe in order to teach and learn best.  
Our core values inform our mission -- Prosser Career Academy provides students a dynamic, supportive learning environment which prepares them to be fulfilled, productive, critical thinkers successful in an ever-changing society. As a CTE/IB school, we offer engaging instructional and extracurricular options to prepare students for their postsecondary endeavors and a future in which they lead positive change in their own lives and in the lives of others. 
We have a vision for our future -- Prosser Career Academy will be an ever-improving model: striving to be the premiere CTE/IB school for the City of Chicago; providing a safe and supportive environment to foster professionalism, productivity and creativity, in addition to academic, civic and social-emotional growth; placing students at the center of decision making and shifting and growing our practice to serve the needs of those in our charge; and embracing changes in the world and our need to change with them.