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Visitor & Volunteer Information


CPS Volunteer Directions

CPS has a protocol for anyone in the building speaking to or engaging with students. In order to be in the classroom, be a chaperone for a day trip within the city of Chicago, speak to a class, tutor, mentor, et cetera, you must fill out a Level II volunteer form through CPS. 

For anyone wishing to be a volunteer coach or support any sports, chaperone students on an overnight trip or trip outside of the city they must fill out paperwork and follow steps to become a Level I volunteer. You will need to have to complete a background check and a TB test as a part of Level I volunteer protocol. 

Please refer to the links below and screenshots to make sure you are on the right site. You can add several schools if you know that you may be working with many schools in CPS or these can be added at a later time. 


Step 1-  The application:


Click the actual application link and choose the volunteer application link on this screen:

Volunteer Application Link Screen


The next page should look like this:

Next Page Looks Like This


Step 2 from CPS:


You will receive next steps on what to do but it should be very simple. You want to make sure to choose the correct level to volunteer when filling out the application. For Level I and Level II descriptions please see above. 


Step 3 from Prosser:


You will receive an email from Prosser asking you to upload your state ID or Driver's License and COVID-19 Vaccination card. To do this you can simply take a photo of the ID on your phone and then upload it to the link that is given in the email. 


Step 4 to Prosser:


Once the application and ID are submitted please send an email to [email protected] and copy the teacher you are working with if applicable.


Please include the following in your email:

  1. Your full name
  2. Level of volunteer I or II
  3. What capacity you will be in the school (chaperone, tutor, classroom support).