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Complaint & Feedback Procedure

Prosser Career Academy

Complaint and Feedback Procedure

Reviewed Fall 2022

All complaints brought to the attention of Prosser Career Academy will be dealt with in an equitable manner ensuring all parties involved are heard and acknowledged.  

A complaint is a statement expressing dissatisfaction with one of the following

  • Behavior or action of Prosser Students
  • Behavior or action of Prosser Teachers and/or other Prosser Staff Members
  • Prosser services, programs or facilities 

We will respond to all complaints and feedback in a consistent and timely manner. Please submit any complaints and/or feedback using THIS FORM. Upon receiving your submission, we will do the following:

  • Read your complaint and reach out within 2 business days to ensure we understand the problem.
  • Investigate the complaint to gather all the pertinent information.
  • Speak with all parties involved in the complaint to ensure we gather as many applicable facts as possible. 
  • Convene a meeting with all relevant parties to review the complaint, the evidence gathered, and decide upon an equitable solution. 
  • Inform you of the team’s decision/response via phone and in writing.