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IB DP Curriculum

Prosser has been an authorized IBDP school since 2000. During that time, we've developed a curriculum that best fits our school and our students. The following course sequence prepares IBDP students for success at highly selective colleges and universities.

Ninth and tenth grade students enroll in Prosser IB Prep courses at the honors level. In their eleventh-grade year, they enroll in the following advanced level (6.0) IBDP Courses. All courses are two-year unless otherwise noted.  Click on course titles to view IB Subject Briefs which outline the curriculum and assessments for each course.
Additional Requirements

IBDP students are also required to complete the IB Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) requirement, Creatividad, Actividad y Servicio, an Extended Essay (independent research paper), Monographia, and a two-year Theory of Knowledge,  Teoria de Conocimiento course. Prosser IBDP students receive support and assistance to help them complete these requirements.