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Bilingual Advisory Council (BAC)

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Monday, November 6, 2023 @ 9:30 am - 10:30 a.m.




The Bilingual Advisory Committee (BAC) is open to all parents but focuses primarily on issues impacting students who are learning English. It is an important way to be involved in the Prosser school community and we hope you will consider it! 

The BAC is structured as follows: a president, a vice-president, a secretary, two representatives (one representative and one alternate representative), and a student enrolled in a program for ELs (high schools only). The president and a majority of the members of the BAC shall be parents of students in the program for ELs.

BAC Membership

Title 1 Fund Compliance requires that each year the principal present on the budget and parent involvement plan outlined in the school's CIWP. Principal Shimon made that presentation on September 29, 2023, and again on October 5, 2023, and key details included:


What is the CIWP? CIWP stands for Continuous Improvement Work Plan and it is the plan every school makes to meet their goals. Each school has a CIWP team made up of a range of people including administrators, teachers and counselors. Parents also review the CIWP. The Prosser CIWP focuses on Curriculum & Instruction, Inclusive & Supportive Teaching and Connectedness & Well Being with the goals of instructional alignment so that all students receive the same high quality experience, differentiation so that all students receive the particular support they need and safe learning communities so that all students receive the supports and resources they need.  

What is Title 1? Title 1 is the largest federal education K-12 funding program that provides additional academic support and learning opportunities for students at schools with high percentages of students who experience socioeconomic disadvantage. The program is intended to help all students meet state and national academic standards.  

What is the Parent Involvement Plan? The Principal will present on Title 1 each fall and additionally will share the NCLB budget with parents at the Title 1 meeting. Prosser will encourage participation in the PAC, BAC and LSC meetings, and parents will have access to the Title 1 budget and parent involvement plan. The PAC & BAC will provide workshops to parents based on need and parents determine the content of the workshops. Parents can always schedule meetings with their students teachers, counselor or the principal to share concerns. Student performance data will be made available to parents on request and Prosser will send him information routinely via email and provide periodic updates on social media. Prosser will host orientation meetings in the fall and adhere to CPS mandated report card pick up dates, as well as parents being notified of student progress every five weeks via progress reports. Additionally, parents are encouraged to use Parent Portal to monitor students attendance and grades between progress reports. Administration will hold teachers accountable for communicating academic progress to parents and parents will be involved in the IEP process for students with diverse learning needs. 

SY24 Budgets:  PAC - $8,206.56 & BAC - $1250