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We believe caregivers matter and are important in the support of student achievement. Prosser receives Title I funds to support parent involvement in our school community and a primary way we do that is through the Parent Advisory Council. This is an opportunity for parents and school leaders to come together to address parents' needs because we know that their needs must be met in order for them to best caretake their families. Principal Shimon is the school liaison to the Parent Advisory Council and ensures that facilities are ready for meetings and that family members feel welcome and can develop a sense of belonging and worth in our community. 

Thank you to the following parents for stepping into leadership positions as this year's PAC officers: 

Chair - Christina Guzman

Vice Chair - Jaime Ponce

Secretary - Maria Hernandez

Outreach Coordinator - Angelica Zamarripa

Please consider joining the PAC!

Title 1 Fund Compliance requires that each year the principal present on the budget and parent involvement plan outlined in the school's CIWP. That presentation was done on September 26, 2022, then again before the PAC Organizational Meeting on September 29, 2022, and the recording is attached.