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Excerpts from Student Poems


A Hispanic Christmas (Anonymous)

As I Wake Up by Porschay Graham


Being Puerto Rican by Angie Detres

Behind the Door by Ja'dore Blaine


CD Binder (Anonymous)

Competition (Anonymous)

Competitive by Diego Rodriguez-Plata

Culture In a Family (Anonymous)


Dominicurican by Maira De La Rosa

Draw by Yazmin Camargo


Family is Everything by Destiny Aragon

Family is my Motivation (Anonymous)


Growing Parents by Danna Velasquez

Growing Up (Anonymous)


I Am from Making Tamales (Anonymous)

I Am from My Family by Yearalyn Reyes

I Don’t Speak Spanish by C. Ruiz

Im Free (Anonymous)

I Never Loved Anything by Kasandra Contreras


Macetas (Anonymous)

MAKE IT OUT by Jada Newman

“Me” by Sierra Milan

Mexican Kids born in America are Pochos (Anonymous)

The Mind Of A Teenager by Angelina Rodriguez

MY CULTURE (Anonymous)

My Culture: (Anonymous)

MY HAIR (Anonymous)

“My Home/Your Property” (Anonymous)


Our Language by Grace Ball


People Pleaser (Anonymous)

Poem (Anonymous)

Poem (Anonymous)

Pretty on the Inside by Jennifer Iraheta


She (Anonymous)

Shoes (Anonymous)


The Repea……t… by Guillermo Estrella

This Ball We Play (Anonymous)

Time and Family by Olivia De La Rosa

Tuned Out (Anonymous)


What is Culture (Anonymous)

What is Identity? (Anonymous)

Within My Roots by Danisa Cazares Cortes

Why You Should ACTUALLY Start Living Your Life (Anonymous)

Woah? (Anonymous)