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Professional Dress


As a career academy, our function is to prepare students for the world of work. Most of our career pathways prepare students for jobs that require some sort of safety dress, whether it is goggles, coveralls, aprons or steel-toed boots. Beyond safety, students attending a career academy are held to a different level of professionalism in their dress than students attending other high schools because we believe that proper dress is good preparation for the world of work. An individual's dress demonstrates sensitivity to and respect for others. Students' attire and grooming should be appropriate for the professional atmosphere of school.


For those reasons, the following is required:

  • Shirts or dresses must have straps or sleeves. This helps to ensure clothing remains in place, which is a common safety requirement in work places so that fabric does not snag on machinery and equipment.
  • Shirts must meet the waistline of the pants, shorts or skirt a person is wearing. This prevents bare skin in sensitive areas, which is a common safety concern in work places to prevent the scraping or burning of skin.
  • All clothing must be completely opaque. This ensures the appropriate level of skin protection required in many work places, again to avoid the scraping or burning of skin in sensitive areas.
  • Shoes must be appropriate to the environment and activity. In some CTE programs, like in the world of work, it is required that students wear close-toed shoes for certain lessons in order to protect their toes. 

Out of respect for themselves, their peers and the professionals with whom they interact at school, students may not wear clothing to school with profanity, violent images, the depiction of illegal items or hate speech. Brimmed hats and hoods obstruct visibility and the quick identification of people who do and do not belong in the building, creating a security hazard, and they are not to be worn indoors.


Ultimately, the administration of Prosser Career Academy has the authority to decide whether students’ clothing is appropriate or not appropriate.  Students will not be addressed about dress code violations in class or in front of others. Students who are not dressed appropriately for school will be given Prosser wear for the remainder of the day.