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Welcome to the Social Sciences Department page!
All students are required to earn 3 Social Science credits in order to graduate. We offer the following classes to make that happen!
Course Offerings
Freshman Year:
Honors and Regular World Studies
Sophomore Year:
Honors and Regular U.S. History
Junior Year:
Electives: IB Psychology and IB History
Senior Year:
Electives: AP Psychology, AP US Government & Politics, Civics, Psychology, Economics
History Fair:
In addition to the courses the Social Science Department offers, the team also enriches Prosser's culture and community by sponsoring History Fair each year, which is a sustained opportunity for students to engage in authentic historical research and present their findings in mixed and multimedia ways that include presentations, slide decks, poetic compositions and academic papers. Something that makes these student projects come alive is that teachers encourage students to select topics in which they are deeply interested and they plan instructional activities that will support student success in research, analysis, evaluation, criticality, creativity and presentation. 
Each Spring, the work of Social Science students is celebrated on History Day, when teachers and students join together in the school Auditorium to award exceptional projects from every teacher's classes.