Prosser Trees Featured on CPS Social Media! Click Here!

One of the lovelier traditions at Prosser is the opportunity for student clubs, athletic teams and departments to each decorate a tree in a way that they feel best represents their identity. This year, that tradition was featured on CPS social media so everyone out in the world could know what was going on here in our building. This clip was a chance for students who decorated trees for GSA, BSU and the Prosser Players to talk a bit about why a unique identity is important and why a community of different groups is just as important, but the following groups also decorated trees this year: JROTC, PE, English, World Language, English Learners, Debate, Math, Swim, Soccer, Fine Arts, Cross Country, Cheer, CTE, Social Science, Science, Security, One Goal, Dreamers, Counseling, and IB. 
(From CPS Social Media)